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We are committed to making the right choices today to ensure a sustainable tomorrow for future generations. With over 21 million packs of sushi sold annually, we understand the strength of our ability to impact the lives of our customers, partners and the communities that we serve. All aspects of the business model are viewed within a sustainability lens to confirm that the correct decisions are being made.

From seafood to packaging we do what we can to ensure that we follow the best sustainability practices ourselves while working hand in hand with our retail partners to align with their own sustainability programs.

  • MSC – Marine Stewardship Council

    Within Canada, Bento serves MSC certified surimi and participates in the registered certification program– this rigorous standard requires a fully integrated sustainable supply chain, from fishery to store. Within US operations, MSC certified surimi is used but at the current time we do not participate in the certification program. MSC certified surimi is the largest volume protein.

  • Trace Register

    Bento participates in the trace register program to ensure full-chain traceability for our vendors that request this as part of their own sustainability program requirements.

  • Packaging

    Waste management is an important sustainability component. As each of our items is served in a disposable container, we are committed to providing the best solution to reduce and impact our waste output. Our proprietary sushi packaging is produced in North America reducing transportation costs and supporting local economies. The packaging is PET 1 which is intended for one time use only, BPA and Phosphates free and fully recyclable where facilities exist.

  • Our Food

    Fresh and seasonal
    Variety of menu offerings to meet the economic needs of our customers
    Menu options which include Vegetarian, High Protein, Low fat, Less than 300 calories options
    Full nutritional analysis availability
    Legislative compliance for labeling, calorie and allergen declarations
    No MSG
    Abstain from use of red category or “avoid” seafood watch list - for instance, Bento does not offer unagi (eel), bluefin tuna, orange roughy