27.2 oz. (773 g)


Miso Broth {Water, Miso Broth [Miso Paste (Water, Soybeans, Rice, Salt, Alcohol), Water, Monosodium Glutamate, Soybean Oil, Soy Sauce, (Water, Soybeans, Wheat, Salt), Lard (Lard, BHA [Propyl Gallate, Citric Acid] added to Protect Flavor), Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (Hydrolyzed Corn Protein, Safflower Oil), Sugar, Salt, Pork Stock Concentrate (Pork Stock, Salt), Garlic Sauce (Garlic Puree [Garlic, Citric Acid], Canola Oil, Water, Salt, Garlic Powder, Yeast Extract, Soy Lecithin), Chicken Stock Concentrate (Chicken Stock, Salt), Soy Lecithin, Disodium Inosinate and Disodium Guanylate, Spice, Xanthan Gum, Ginger Powder, Rice Bran Oil with Natural and Artificial Flavorings, Disodium Succinate]}, Cooked Noodles [Ramen Noodles (Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Potassium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate, Beta-Carotene Color), Water], Cooked Seasoned Chicken |Cooked Chicken Leg Meat <<Chicken Leg Meat, Water, Soy Sauce (Water, Wheat, Soybeans, Salt), Sugar, Potato Starch, Canola Oil, Mirin , High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Salt, Water, Yeast Extract>, Sake [Water, Rice, Koji (Aspergillus Oryzae), Salt], Yeast Extract, Chicken Fat, Hydrolyzed Corn & Soy Protein>>, Teriyaki Sauce |, Shitake Mushrooms [Shiitake Mushroom, Sugar, Soy Sauce (Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol), Salt, Kelp, Vinegar], Carrot, Fish Cake [Fish Meat (Threadfin Bream), Water, Modified Tapioca Starch, Shortening (from Palm Oil), Salt, Sugar, Soy Protein, Monosodium Glutamate, Egg White Powder, Sweet Flavoring, FD&C #3], Green Onion, Fried Onion (Onions, Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Wheat Flour, Salt).

Allergen Alert:

Contains: Soybeans, Wheat, Fish (Threadfin Bream), Egg.