• Can I place an order online?

    Supermarket Locations: As we partner with supermarkets, we do not have online ordering specifically for Bento products in our supermarket locations. Some of our supermarket partners have their own online ordering programs and/or partner with third party ordering and delivery companies. Please contact your local supermarket for more details on what they offer. Retail Restaurant Locations: We partner with Skip The Dishes & Door Dash at select restaurants. Please visit our locations page and filter to retail locations to see what programs are offered at your favourite location.

  • Do you offer catering platters?

    Yes, we offer a variety of catering platters in different sizes to fit your needs. Orders are placed at the store/kiosk. We do not take online orders for catering platters for our grocery store locations. Please visit your nearest location 24 hours in advance to place your order - either directly at the sushi kiosk or at customer service inside the store.

  • Where can I find nutritional information?

    All nutritional information can be found on the nutrition page.

  • Where can I find allergen information?

    Visit our allergen guide for an allergen overview and individual product pages for more detailed information.

  • Where can I find a location near me?

    Visit our locations page.

  • Can I become a franchisee?

    Please visit our franchising page for more information.

  • I’m a business owner that would like to sell Bento Sushi in my store or location. Who do I contact?

    Using our Contact Us form, please chose “Sales/Business Development Inquiries” as the subject and someone from our Sales Team will follow up with you directly.

  • What is the difference between Bento Sushi and Bento Express?

    Bento Sushi is our product line that is made in-store daily by Bento chefs. We offer a wide variety of sushi products using different raw and cooked proteins (salmon, tuna, shrimp, crab) along with vegetarian sushi products and other side dishes such as dim sum, bao, gyoza. Bento Express is our multi-day shelf life product line. Bento Express products exclude raw fish and use a proprietary rice recipe to extend the shelf life. Bento Express products are a perfect fit for stores that don’t have the space or sales volume to provide a chef in-store making sushi. Bento Express products are made in one of our 6 factories across North America and delivered to the grocery store or location when orders are placed.

  • I’m looking for a job. How do I apply?

    Please visit our Careers Page to find our posted job opportunities. You can apply directly online.