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Bento Sushi is the second most important brand of sushi in North America. It offers premium packaged sushi, as well as Asian spicy dishes made to order, ready to be reheated. We are a company exploiting multiple channels, which allows us to maintain exclusive and privileged relationships with our business partners and in return create the ideal menu for our customers.

We operate 935+ establishments in a variety of commercial veins, offering products « prepared daily on site using fresh ingredients » and packaged as take-out meal solutions.

  • grocery Stores
  • Campus of universities and colleges
  • Hospital catering areas
  • airports
  • Fast food outlets in shopping centers and food courts

Our Brand Portfolio

Bento Sushi – sushi and spicy Asian dishes prepared daily on site using fresh ingredients by Bento chefs, in one of our 935+ retail establishments

Bento Express – extended shelf life products made in one of our 5 stores in North America. These products are perfectly suited to grocery stores and partner convenience stores wishing to integrate high-quality sushi into their supply of fresh products. Bento Express products do not contain raw fish.

Bento At Home – exclusive products that complement our flagship product offering and / or allow you to prepare your own sushi at home. These items come with soy sauce, wasabi, ginger, rice, seaweed leaves, green tea, spicy mayo sauce and sesame sauce.