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Hi, I'm John Hashimoto, a Canadian born Japanese. My earliest and fondest memories all revolve around food: helping with the backyard garden where we grew almost everything and anything, and cooking with my mom at a very early age – helping her measure out recipes and mixing cake batters, and getting to lick the icing bowl afterwards!

Growing up in a Japanese Canadian household meant eating traditional Japanese cuisine such as sushi, tempura and ramen. I studied the Culinary Arts at George Brown College and worked for various restaurants, hotels and events in the city of Toronto. I have also worked with numerous companies in the food industry as a product developer for categories ranging from home meal replacement products, to bakery, desserts and fresh produce products.

Global cuisine and culture is a passion of mine, and I am privileged to have travelled to Asia, Europe, Central America and from coast to coast in North America in search of new flavours and cuisine. However, travelling to Japan remains one of my favorite places to go, and I have been fortunate to have visited on numerous occasions. Having grown up in Canada, I feel so lucky for the cultural mosaic we have and the rich culture and cuisine available to us. It is my ultimate wish to bring these diverse flavours and influences, combined with my vast experiences, to all of you through Bento Sushi’s innovative lineup of products.

John Hashimoto

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